J. Cole x Dollar & A Dream Tour 3

Music has this amazing ability to bring us back to specific moments in time. J. Cole's classic mixtape, "Friday Night Lights" happens to be one. Young college kids trying to make that transition from learning the tools to using the tools with all the doubts & insecurities inbetween - this free album told that whole story.

So when he announced the third rendition of his Dollar and A Dream Tour featuring his classic was making a stop in Atlanta, as a huge fan of his music and rise to stardom, we had already penciled ourselves in as attendees to the $1 fan friendly show.

On our way down there to grab some tickets, we ran into our friend @PhilDaGod who was covering on behalf of Puma and Fader Magazine. 

What started as an average day as a casual fan - ended up being an opp to assist with his coverage for both brands. Of course we jumped at the chance and took full advantage of the access. 

Check out some of the photos from the night:

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