Creating The Jump Campaign With Steve Harvey


Two years ago while working with The Steve Harvey Radio Show we began looking for ways to get in to the social media game. First it started out by following Steve Harvey on a few trips on his private jet and capturing moments for Youtube. Nothing really got picked up until we captured Steve Harvey in the parking lot outside his radio show. He told us then to JUMP. 

FROM THERE WE focused on promoting his Act Like A Success motivational speaking tour using footage we had in the can. We engulfed ourselves not in the comedy that has made Steve Harvey so famous but rather the inspirational life story that he was so open to sharing & the experiences ON THE ROAD  that helped him develop the Principles of Success. 

After the success of the Act Like A Success live tour, we moved on to launching a personal website for Steve Harvey, The site's purpose is to corral all of the digital media that is created and/or is about Steve Harvey (and there's a lot!). To accomplish that goal we found ourselves at Family Feud everyday. It eventually became our office and we developed a great relationship with the crew. From the executive producers, to the PA's to the director we attempted to keep the entire Family Feud team a part of our digital push. We put together a video to show the world the ecosystem that is Steve Harvey and his crew. 


While speaking to the director Ken Fuchs, we wondered if the Family Feud production crew was recording the inspirational messages that Steve Harvey shared with the live audience everyday after ever taping. The answer was no...but they could if we wanted them to. The next day they handed off the DVD. We stuck it in the Macbook Pro and played it. No audio. We went back to the production truck to get another DVD. "Excuse me..this may be a dumb question but is there audio on this DVD?" They responded, "Of course." Then they all went back to doing what they got paid to do for the number one game show on TV. "Yea..I don't know..could someone check it?" All but one person in the production truck responded. "I'll check it out." The next day I had a new DVD. I put in and....

"When you see people in life. When you’re standing on the cliff of life and you see people soaring by…when you see people soaring going to exotic places. You hear about them doing wonderful things. Maybe you look up the street and your neighbor just gets a new car every year. Have you ever thought that maybe that person has identified their gift and is living in their gift?

Your Bible says that your gift will make room for you. Not your education. You go get your education…that’s nice but if you don’t use your gift…that education is only going to take you so far. I know alot of people that got degrees man…that they’re not even using. " - Steve Harvey 

We waited for the right wave to jump on. In light of the negative images that were directed towards Steve Harvey in the wake of the Miss Universe situation, we posted it in an effort to show the immensely uplifting person that Steve Harvey is. The response was overwhelming.

Over 50 Million people have watched the FAMILY FEUD JUMP video on Facebook and over 80k people have retweeted it on Twitter. TAKE A LOOK! 

Before we our energies we're placed in a different direction we caught up with Steve in LA on the way to a taping of Little Big Shots to discuss how the viral campaign led to his latest literary endeavor and the impact the video had internationally. 

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