This song and Seu Jorge were the inspiration. See Below. 

Karlous turns on the radio as the camera pans steadicam down the spine of the coupe. The music comes on. Karlous wipes down the side of the car he's washing. He takes a break sitting on the side of the car. He's in the drive way of his house. An old lady walks by. She smiles brightly. (insert joke) Karlous tells the joke to the person listening on the phone. 

He begins to tell the story as more of the music plays. He takes a break. He sits on the side of the car on the ground tired and on the phone. He begins to tell the details of his story. 

TITLE - KARLOUS MILLER - TITLE - FOOD TO GO (ambient sound of the club)

OTS steadicam Karlous walks onto the stage. And says' Damn women make it diffcult. Karlous begins to tell the story on stage and then we cut to him finishing up the story on the phone. Then we cut to the actual story of the girl sitting at dinner and ordering the food to go. Karlous is interrupted in telling the story by his old lady neighbor again, he continues the story, but fuck hat im bout to see Carina. He then gets in the car and drives off to see the woman that he cares most about. He starts driving through the city. remiscing about her on the way to see her. Karlous begins to talk about her on stage. B-roll of them together without ever seeing her face. Karlous gets to the house. And hits the call box. He tells the bit about not being able to get in the call box on standup. She answers. Pulls up. He walks in. Her house is