DJ MARS - International DJ

International DJ, Brand Ambassador & Cultural Curator DJ Mars epitomizes lifestyle branding. The main reason we love the guy - everything he does is authentic. He loves sneakers, music, art, history and the people. Between coordinating his busy schedule, publishing books and traveling between gigs to another country, Mars has found a way to intertwine all of these mixes (no pun) into an amazing career. We're glad to help him tell his story.

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DESIGN - The Art Behind THe mixtape/New Era Event 


Viral Video - Why he wrote the book

the art behind the mixtape

This is his own creative passion and drive, so we can't take any credit for it, but this book dives deep into the history, culture and art behind hip hop's visual expression. Tons of visuals and information to satisfy anyone's cultural appetite, this is the perfect coffee table gift! Get your copy and some merchandise while it's still available.