Design + Content Production & Direction + Social Strategy

We redeveloped, rebranded & created a platform designed to introduce the newest wave of comedians, creators and comedy stories happening. More importantly we had two goals: turn comedy into a lifestyle experience & create a home for the casual comedy fan. Through daily updates, exclusive interviews, original content, live events, merchandise, podcasts & editorials; Our efforts gave us continuos recognition in the press from The Washington Post to TMZ and growth across all social platforms. 

Website Redesign & Newsletter Redesign

Content Production

In an exclusive interview - Bill Bellamy tells us about the "Greatest Night in Comedy."

Hosted by comedian Rob Haze - we stopped in different parts of the city to ask random people what comedy shows they were watching. Directed by Auteur87.

Marlon Wayans gives exclusive info then upcoming movie - "50 Shades of Black."

A day in the life series - on the road, behind the scenes, in the greenroom and on stage with well known comedians. Directed by Auteur87.

Inaugural Rooftop Comedy Show