Who we Are

When we were kids we didn't know what we wanted to be. We did know what we liked to do. Laughing, doodling, telling stories, wherever we were (whether on the school playground or at grandma's house) these past times provided joy. Today, we try to take that childlike vigor for happiness and put it in our work. 

We're 80's babies, raised on the media of the 90's. Auteur87 was born into hip-hop, Nickelodeon,  & Michael Jordan. We seek to capture the magic & nostalgia of that time, update it and make it web-friendly. We're proud of the culture that shaped us and we'll make you proud too. 


So now you know our story and who we are. We'd love to get you know you and build our stories together. Send us an email at info@auteur87.com 

WHAt We Do

Initially we started as a live videography and photography company, covering events with Walmart, Steve Harvey, General Mills, and various artists. Capturing moments that inspire and represent positive culture birthed our creative minds and gave us our first experience in working with clients in fast paced environments. 

Later, we began using those live video skills to produce scripted content. From television commercials with an emotional feel to promotional viral videos with your favorite comedians. 

Understanding that many times the images and videos we shoot and edit may need some fresh web-real estate, we began providing graphic and web development. From finding and purchasing a solid URL (that rolls off the tongue) to developing a web site that communicates our clients capabilities, we build from start to finish.

Usher photographed by Auteur87 

Usher photographed by Auteur87 

Creating cohesive web banners and social media marketing to supplement and promote our clients online presence or campaign, we track the progress with detailed analytics along the way. Every detail of the process is curated by Auteur87. 

Though we pride ourselves on our ability to build in every digital creative realm, we also have produced beautiful and inspiring movie posters, street signs, billboards, and promotional flyers.