Who We Are

auteur87 is a collective of individuals raised on the media & creativity of the 90's.

we turned that inspiration into a company that has evolved with modern media & how we consume it. 

from idea to execution.


launched in 2013 because we were tired of waiting. we're a content, branding & management agency that specializes in streamlining the process (and the waiting).


What We Do

when there is no middle man, it's up to you to get the job done. these are the three branches we have a ton of experience in getting the job done.



  • video
  • audio
  • photography
  • podcast
  • live show
  • original scoring & instrumentation
  • content distribution & publishing

brand mgmt

  • social media & mgmt
  • bookings
  • website development & mgmt
  • paid digital advertising
  • brand relationships
  • brand verification
  • e-commerce


  • web design
  • digital banners & promo
  • logos
  • merchandise
  • packaging
  • flyers
  • business cards

We've worked with some cool brands. You can trust us.